Corvette-class Cruiser

Home Dock

Ticonderoga Station

Size L/W/H


Sublight Speed

300 Thousand km/s

Slipspace Speed



3200 metric tons



The AFC-BC295 'Osmond Ingram' is a recommissioned Corvette-class transport used under Captain Blake Bernardino as a Skinnie prison transport. When Skinnies began to be released from Arachnid control, the Ingram quickly modified its prisons into breathable living quarters for the Skinnies, among a plethora of other experimental changes. After this upgrade, the ship was recquisitioned from the 2nd 'Sentinel' Fleet to the 6th 'Titanomachy' Fleet. Now under the command of Captain Mark Thompson, the Ingram is a shining example of the success of cooperative efforts between Humans and Skinnies.



The Ingram is fitted with a Cherenkov Drive Mk. 7, a nearly top-of-the-line edition of the drive known for its pinpoint accuracy. While the speed is lacking in comparison to older models, many designers find the heightened accuracy of the drive preferable to speed, as repeated slipspace exits to change course are only required when traveling immensely long distances.


The hull of the Ingram expands upon the prospects of earlier protective shielding. The topmost layer of material diffuses electrical energy along the hull in order to lessen damage. However, the Ingram has also been fitted with a system to harness that energy in order to more quickly replenish weaponry systems. Unfortunately, this system requires wires running through the titanium layer of the hull, causing the hull to be far more brittle than recommended by Federal standards. Projectile weapons are of particular danger to the crew of the Ingram.


  • 2x Mark V Magnetic Accelerator Cannons
  • 8x Mark IX Autocannon Defense Battery
  • 12x ARC Radial Electronic Defense Systems
  • 1x Experimental Skinnie Boneshard Cannon


  • 8x TAC Fighters
  • 4x Mobile Infantry Atmospheric Deployment Dropship
  • 2x LG-7 Lifeboats
  • 2x Boarding Craft
  • 1x Fleet Atmospheric Landing Boat

​Crew RosterEdit

AFC-BC295 CrewEdit

Commissioned Officers

  • Cdr. Fang Shao
  • Cdr. James Nassar
  • Ens. Niklas Neudorf
  • Ens. Hak'sha'te Y'Chi'ta

Non-Commissioned Officers