Class Geo Inactive
System Zuhrus
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Affiliation: Various
Population: 35,423,035
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Once a Federation mining colony, Barcador was abandoned shortly after the first bug war. Civilian miners trapped on the planet managed to survive over time, eventually regaining a semi-stable population. Mormon insurgents soon discovered the abandoned planet, allying with the few million surviving miners.

Points of InterestEdit

Marcsus, the makeshift "capital city" of the planet, is the only habitat with a population greater than 2.45 million - 7% of the entire planet's population.

The hottest point on the planet, at 5°C, is on a massive plateau of high geothermal activity. While the temperatures are far more comfortable than the rest of the planet, the risks of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes prevent colonization in that area.

It formerly contained the military encampment known as Camp David Strelholm, which was looted by the surviving civilians after Federal abandonment. It is now a fully working military base, training several thousand of the planets police and militia forces.

Federal InterestEdit

Large fuel deposits dot the surface, especially near the poles. Reports that the planets water contains heavy ammounts of deuterium, and underground oil. Primary mined metals before abandonment were copper, nickel, and iron. Recently, scientific studies have begun on the planet, in an attempt to understand how the planet has lost a large percentage of its atmosphere despite a strong magnetic pull.