Class Warm Desert
System Botein
Capital Dysturit
Population 2.4 billion
Rotation 1.427 days
Orbit 89.608 days
Temperature 310.15K, 98.4F, 37C
Diameter 4081.888km
Age 141x10^6
Gravity .9257488g
Satellites 0


Denor is a federation colonial planet in the Botein System, less than a dozen light-years away from the Arachnid Quarantine Zone. The planet has been called a "stepping stone" between the historical Brio System of Brisch, and the Velana System's surrogate marketing colonies. Until recently, this planet was almost completely deprived of Federal income.

Points Of InterestEdit

Denor is coated in dozens of mountain ranges, and a small area of rocky deserts. Water is scarce on the surface, but massive underground lakes provide for the planet's needs. Colonization is only major around the poles, as the scorching heat and geothermal activity around the equator make it uninhabitable.

Federal InterestEdit

Denor's close proximity to it's sun makes solar harvesting provide nearly all of the planet's energy needs. Geothermal plants dot the planet, farming the remainder of the planet's energy requirements. Denor is almost entirely self-sufficient, except for food. Farming is difficult in the heat, and sometimes impossible.

  • The capital city of Denor, Dysturit.
  • Dramatic scenery from the equator.
  • Cliff-side colonies near one of the few lakes.