Class Hot Desert
System Angetenar
Capital None
Population None
Rotation 24.295 days
Orbit 59.242 days
Temperature 437K, 163.85C, 326.93F
Diameter 18521.43km
Age 145x10^6 years
Gravity 1.94g
Satellites 2


Humador is a large planet with mostly arid areas and incredibly high temperatures. Scorching days and only slightly cooler nights, Humador's enviroment supports a minimal atmosphere barely thick enough for the bugs that inhabit it. Surviving Humador's thin atmosphere and absolutely scorching heat requires a power-suit with a large store of oxygen, cooling liquid, and environmental supplies. Even then, survival is limited to less than an hour. A long segmented culture of dense Arachnid populace has been supported in this planet position for some time. Several orbital bombardments have been attempted by the 44th, 104th and 57th, all failed to curb or eliminate the Arachnid presence on Humador.

Points of InterestEdit

Seismic activity on Humador is incredibly high, with daily earthquakes comparable to the 2264 Fotyr Rift earthquake.

Points of Federal InterestEdit

Planet has vast amounts of fuel buried beneath the desert sands which could be extracted if Arachnid presence is minimized.