Rowe senior year of high school

Early Life==

Rowe was born as a only child on May 4th, 2374 he was a healthy newborn. His mother, Trisha worked as a clerk for a small buisness nearby the Rowe family house, she was 36 when Jonathan was born. His father, Robert was a MI trooper formally he retired as a Sergeant when he gained his citizenship he went into small time politics as the mayor of their town, Sylva, North Carolina. As the mayors son, Jonathan was expected to be a well-behaved child of the Rowe household, he was for some of the time, other times he would fall under peer pressure and do things he shouldn't. Rowe learned to walk at age 3 and to talk a few months after. Jonathan was enrolled into school at age 4, going through pre-school because his mother thought it would be appropriate for him to be prepared for real school. Going through the ages, Jonathan was a normal student, and child. He would go to school, play with friends after, do homework then go to sleep when told too.

Pre-Military LifeEdit

As a student going through middle school, life and friends began to change for Jonathan. Jonathan went into 6th grade with a fresh way of thinking. His goal was to become popular and have fun in middle school, the consequences for this were a few bad letter grades on his school report. One time after school, Jonathan had his first major experience with peer pressure. His friends motioned him over to the group, where they were huddled in a dense wood area. The group were smoking marijuana, Jonathan eventually fell victim to the pressure, he smoked it aswell before authorities caught the group. His friends began to run, so Jonathan followed only to prove worthless, being the town mayors son, Jonathan was well known with the town populace. The police phoned his father, and Jonathan was in deep deep trouble. With years going by after the incident, Jonathan went by without any trouble and regulating his grades to greatness again. As Jonathan entered high school, he once again fell into peer pressure, he and a couple of his buddies came to the school after hours and stole the school mascot statue. Although he was not caught, he still continued to pull pranks such as this through the rest of his career. Jonathan was fond of his high school, being quite a well known kid and being flirted with by the women. He didn't really care for all of it, not wanting to be in a relationship. As the end of high school came Jonathan was offered a scholarship to several universities. Jonathan decided not to go to college and instead wanted to find adventure, doing so he joined the MI.

Military LifeEdit

(More to come as character progresses)