Seraph B
Class Warm Terra
System Seraph
Capital New Lake City
Population 198.9 million
Rotation 7.448 days
Orbit 74.651 days
Temperature 314.03K, 105.584F, 40.88C
Diameter 8136.093km
Age 8x10^9 years
Gravity .908g
Satellites 2

Seraph B is a desert planet outside of Federation space, yet not in the Arachnid Quarantine Zone. During the day, temperatures average at 40°C, and only lower to a simmering 30°C at night. Days and nights are uneven due to intense gravitational pull from a nearby gas giant. The day lasts a mere nine hours, and the night lasts an even shorter four. Considering the lack of water and the sandstorms that ravage the planet, Seraph B is known as one of the most inhospitable planets ever attempted to be colonised. At nearly 200 million occupants, Seraph B is infamous as the largest Mormon colony in the known galaxy.

Points of InterestEdit

Seraph B contains only a single sea-sized body of water, roughly the size of Earth's Mediterranean Sea. The lake is surrounded by a small mountain range, and is one of the only habitable areas on the entire planet. Several oases scatter the open desert, but only a few are large enough for any type of real settlement. Only a single Federation-owned colony can be found on the planet.

Federal InterestEdit

The Federation is currently heading Operation Desert Flames in an attempt to remove all Mormon insurgents from the planet. The 23rd Artillery Battalion is leading this assault.

The Ornos Mining Colony, the Federation's single colony on the planet, is the headquarters of the Operation. Nearly all attacks are launched from here. Mormon Insurgents have infiltrated the outpost several times, and at one point, nearly bombed one of the core reactors.

  • The Federation's Ornos Mining Colony
  • Rocks jutting out from the flat desert plain.