Simon A. Wallcroft
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 19
Height: 6'2"
Parents: Father (Unknown)

Linda Wallcroft (Deceased)

Siblings: None
Birthday: October 22nd, 2374
Birthplace: London, England, Earth
College: Public School (Year 11)
Rank: Private
Battalion: 112th 'Warriors' Mobile Infantry
Service: 11 Months

Early LifeEdit

Simon was born in London, England, Earth to Linda Wallcroft. His father's identity is unknown. During his early life he was an outcast and a trouble maker. He was known to get into fights a lot as a child. As he grew his grades stood at a barely passing level. His Mother eventually married John Acey. His new step father enjoyed regularly getting drunk and coming home and beating Simon while he slept in his bed. This has caused Simon to have Night terrors ever since. As he grew he continued to fight in school and get into trouble. One night, when he was 15 and his mother was working, his father came up to his room and attempted to beat Simon. Simon hid a switchblade under his bed and waited. When his Step father came up to his room drunk, Simon jumped forward and knocked his step father to the ground, beating him repeatedly. He then took his Step father, now unconcious, out into the woods behind his home where he brutally murdered him. John Acey was never seen again, and Simon was not suspected. Simon continued his life in school as if nothing had happened, until he turned 16 and was able to leave. For the next 2 years, Simon lived a life of crime. He would rob gas stations and vandalize property. When he turned 18 he decided to give up the life of crime and wanted to do something that would make himself proud. 

Military CareerEdit

At age 18, Simon A. Wallcroft enlisted in the Mobile Infantry. He was trained at Camp Sennybridge for 8 Months. Upon his graduation he was assigned to the 112th "Warriors" Mobile Infantry as a Rifleman. His Drill Instructor noted on his file that he was a "Brutal individual who is willing to do what is necessary to achieve victory. He is notablely able to take a lot and still keep going." Simon continues to serve with the 112th Mobile Infantry.