Class Arid Desert Planet
System Zuhrus System
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Urgian is an arid desert planet, containing a large biome similar to the Sahara desert in northern Africa. Thisis caused primarily by it's rotational speed and distance to the sun. Temperatures range from it's peak of 49 degress centigrade during the day and down to minus 23 degrees centigrade at night. Urgian has seen lots of combat over the past few years, and is laced with thousands of miles of bug tunnels. Though "royalty" castes are said by Intelligence to no longer be present, there is still said to be large counts of hostile worker and warrior drones on a rampage, without any direction from controlling arachnid castes. Currently the 53rd Morita Regiment is detached there, trying to clean out the tunnels. Intelligence operatives report that Urgian is still highly dangerous, and is still a military asset to the arachnids. Therefore it is declared a red zone, as well as the relevent space surrounding it. All civilian traffic is barred without Federal transit permit A051.

Points of InterestEdit

In a strategic position deemed by Intelligence, a bug base ensituated on this planet could be catastrophic towards Federal operations in this sector of space.

Federal InterestEdit

"Why are we interested in a shitty, back water, outer rim piece of shit desert like Urgian? Because the bugs want it." - MajGen. Alai Tychondera, 11th Mobile Infantry Division

Though the "royalty" castes of bugs may have been evacuated or destroyed before Federation troopers could reach them, there is still a large arachnid presence inside the miles of tunnels, and men from the 53rd are charged with "cookin' them out" using strategic nuclear weapons and troop movements. Relatively heavy Fleet presence in the area to short-stop possible arachnid counter attack.